resources and links

the site would also need a resources and links page ..

some of these i have started putting into the rhs column of the blog .. but more is needed. like compostaustralia

what should the structure of the site be

the components of the site:
1. the case study categories of the crp: pickup (customer side), transport, segregation, composting, recycling, infrastructure, campaigning, .. which would be relevant if someone is at a stage where they want to start their project.
2. components for casual visitors
3. ‘why dont you start your project’
4. support: for people who are already running a project.

who are the people behind this

for now i am initiating this. then there is op and ashish. PV, and others …

possibly in the near future if and when this becomes a project there could be more people. possibly chintan.

1. people who have done a project and are still doing this service
2. people who would like to take this message to other communities
3. web designers
4. masters students and researchers

what is project waste

its a project to develop an online resource for communities in the poorer parts of the world to start their own recycling programs. it takes off from the crp and makes the experiences of crp available to many communities in asia, africa and latin america.

so if crp were to be a source of inspiration in samoa or papua new guinea – how would this be handled online, through the internet?