Cinema Resources

Andrei Tarkovsky

These are some of my favourite Film makers/ Great Directors. I am old and these are directors of yesteryear. But they changed my way of thinking. I acquired many more categories – I became open to many new things. Hope this is a thrilling journey for you too. But again you may find much to ridicule in this – will you. Somehow I doubt it – you have the instinct for self preservation true, but you may be willing to give yourself the chance to move on. And be open. This is astounding stuff. Happy Viewing.

Andrei Tarkovsky
Sergei Bondarchuk
Luis Bunuel
Jean Luc Goddard
Werner Herzog
Andrej Wajda
Costa Gavras
Jacques Tati
Roman Polanski
Akira Kurosawa
Ingmar Bergman
Satyajit Ray

And here are some web sites on Cinema:
Senses of Cinema
Masters of Cinema

That is one thing:But that is not it at all —-
Another is how many films – you said 13 films in 13 weeks. It was so surprising that you did not say 130. Can you not have a feast? Do you not have the ability ( you creature straight out of clockwork orange)to watch more. Do you not have the ability to be joyful? Is education really supposed to be the most boring thing you can ever encounter on this planet? Come on give your self a chance – get a life. The question will remain – hopw many films can you put into the next three months we are going to be together?

What films is another thing altogether: You want to stick close to the script – you bird whose cage has been opened refusing to fly away. Go I say and nyet, nada, nash, nein you say. ANY FILM – anyhting at all. So long as it is not english. Check out our own Moffat.

Either way and what ever. Do surprise me with your sheer enthusiasm.


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