You surprised me

First Steve: That was a good contribution – how we switch perspectives/ paradigms – when we move through the door of a hospital. Thanks for coming in so swiftly – you could have shrugged – and said ‘I dont know what you mean’ but you didn’t. Good on you Steve. So here is your reward – Actor Network Theory research has a treasure trove of studies looking at this shift and it is an interesting take on ‘ways of thinking’. Happy reading.

Than Anara: You came in quite razor sharp – and cleared the air of what I was trying to say. I am often aware that I do not communicate effectively with people – ‘why is he so difficult to understand’. But you gave this an interesting twist – by understanding the two categories (high road and low road), the two ways of thinking (the functional/lamp and the formal/paper)- because it was clear to you. But in the break you had said you found it difficult to follow what I was saying. So what is going on? May I venture a guess: What I say may be clear, but unacceptable so the students are forced to say ‘we dont get it’. I seem to be throwing content away. I say Paper Lamp – and when they think of how it will work I say “no, that is not it at all”. So thanks. Am also intrigued that you are familiar with Tarkovsky. Also Bondarchuk? Eisenstien? So here is your gift: Bakunin is one of those russians who changed things Permanently! Like Tarkovsky and Eisenstien. And he is the text you need to navigate your way through dissent.

As Vonnegut says … po wee tweet …


One Reply to “You surprised me”

  1. I feel enthused about your class soumitri, really I do. But I did find it hard to give you the answers you were looking for – and maybe we stifled some interesting subjects in looking to give you what we think you want. It is challenging being made to think very differently and using our brains for a change. I would like to think that I understand your questioning technique, after going through it in more depth. I hope we’re not failing you.I also hope that people contribute to the dissenters blog because I feel like it’s the group’s and I feel selfish wanting to put more stuff up! I guess that’s the way you feel about this blog, I’ll make more effort to post here more often


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