"We don’t know what’s going on"

P: How are you going to respond to the statement that the students dont know what’s going on?
S: Thats a tough one. But it comes from a position where: one, I am supposed to know what is going on; and two, there is something goin on which is mysterious. First one ‘one’: The students have a chart where they will say what they are going to do in the semester. And they haven’t done so. But I am not pushing them – though I am encouraging them – to fill out the chart so that I can discuss their ‘fillings’ of the chart with them. This would be the place where I would be able to explain what may be useful for them to do. But they have’nt come to the table (so how can we talk) – so as I wait I will do exercises with them in the way ‘Scott KWAC’ at camp would do it for corporate executives. Hey lets do a session on ‘creative thinking’ – ummm say by making a paper lamp. But hang on there are many ways to do paper lamps – some ways are conventional ways and some are unconventional ways. “So go of for 20 minutes and do it your way. Ah! but thats a conventional way. Here – come and try freeing yourslef of your ‘boxed in’ ways of thinking. Use the questioning technique and break free. Propose the ridiculous and take it seriously. (The conventional is reactionary – look up this r word in wiki paedia – the mac interface for the blog does not have links -I will do this later today from the office). You are not supposed to be reactionary; people who want to go back to the older ways and want to keep things the way they are. You are supposed to challenge existing ways of seeing things.” And so I talked to them after the first time they did the exericse – and they laughed and thought it all a big joke. And I wasn’t very charitable in my feedback. But how do you say – what you have done is bad thinking. Remember this – and don’t ever think in this fashion in this class. You cant say it. Not without being confronting. So you say – here have another go. But first limber up – get out of your comfort zones. Now sit down try and think again. What is it: so much paper, an enclosure, something that is outside of you – ah you are getting somewhere. Why is it that way – to save the flame from wind (great), so that it can be carried on a dark night for statanic rituals (fanstastic), so that it doesn’t burn you (ummm interesting S&M possibilities here)… What else can it be – 20 meters of paper ( imagine what you can do with it), all around you, … What should it be – “Let us go then you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky – thru certain half deserted streets, the muttering retreats — with a procession of lamps”, …. Simple isnt it? And Kate then said ‘hey lets enter it for fringe’, good on you kate I say – ‘go on blow the competition away with your ideas’. But no they say they do not know what is goin on. Right – are they schooled in a particular way of extreme conservative thinking. I dont think so. They are wonderful people – who may be trying too hard to guess what I want. When in fact I want them to guess what they want.

Now for ‘two’: The questioning technique (from ILO) and many others like these are the stuff that ‘scott kwac’ knows about. They are problem solving or creativity techniques. What I am doing is brining them into the class room. This is conventional stuff – and the web is replete with hundreds, nay thousands, of such ways or methods. The library in the ‘management’ section is full of books on creativity. And this is what people who work in companies get taught. And go to camps like Kinglake for their training sessions. And this is where the Corporation comes alive. Corporations privilege thinking. And radical thinking. They put a huge premium on creativity anf innovation.

P: Are you goin to link this back to the ‘corporation game’ to explian it to them?
S: No I should’nt. I will destroy their initiative and their ability to learn. They have to come up with the “Game”.

P: What if they forget about the game? They forget about it in one week.
S: I will step in and give them a huge set of links on “Simulation Games” And rob them of initiative, and destroy their motivation. And say the Learner Centerd Project is a failure. I will go off into the wilderness and look for radical thinkers. I will give up on the conservative mind of the urban aspirational people on this planet. But no I will keep waiting – and as I wait for them to come through I will say: ” I am HR, I am Scott KWAC, I am a trainer, I am your supervisor – and I am goin to train you in techniques of thinking”. And maybe many weeks go by – but somehow I doubt it. There may be a spark that may coe alive.