Re Mentor tof

Matt and Ashwin,

If you could write up the notes and circulate it to all the people in the class electronically we can all contribute and finsih that. For now what I too away from the discussion was:
1. You would like to ‘Understand “what Industrial Design is” in big companies’.
2. You will interact with the mentors through your blog.

Here is another things: Why dont you all set up your blogs – be out there – and I will invite them to choose which blog/s they want to contribute to. So each of you gets one or more mentors. Simple. And respects confidentiality.

Re IP and Copyright. Think before you put images of you work onto the net. For this you can make a secure site with login access and share the password with your mentor. Take a look at Yahoo Briefcase – this comes as part of the deal if you have a Yahoo account. You can upload files there and share info. Comments can be on blog.

Then again if you want to put your images on the blog – so that your work gets widely known – that is a good way to think too.

New movie in town – Tarnation. Seen it?


Simulation Game – Our own business

This was one of the most exciting outcomes of the discussion. Each of you can go off and become a business. Many of you liked this idea:
1. Some of you want to construct one business. And thats – 13 – businesses.
2. Some of you find this idea confronting. And would like to simulate a ‘working within a big co’ situation.
Both these have merit. But interestingly a few of you said – we may not have to do the jobs we are doing – and that is interesting too.

4 months in business and
doing 7 competitions and
watching 36 movies and
meeting 13 new people and
a few other things that you do- – you will stop doing – and will do it differently. Because you will be going through aprocess of becoming creative.

Spoke to Mick about your idea of going into business and he was very excited – and said that is how things used to be in the old days. Students got together and hired a space and worked from there. Some of their work was for uni some of it was for money. And it was fun.

To become a business is a game. And it can be simulated.

Now what you need to think about it is how to be a business that does truly radical and creative things. And doesn’t just service clients. Now it is getting interesting.

Surprise me and I will bring you more creativity things.

20th July update

Much better session. I realise that you may have strong deep seated – assumptions and expectations – of what I ought to be saying and doing. You probably still brinng to the class the strong feeling that there is a “right way”. You are still incoherent and lie when you say “I dont follow whats going on”.

Not much in the way of exposure to Cinema, Literature, …. Gertrude Stein drew a blank. The avant garde may be seriously confronting.

Looking back:
1. We know what the questioning technique is. We know how to do a group discussion.
2. We realize that creativity is a big thing – and we dont know much about it; Bionics, Analogies, …
3. We did one small exercie in boundary shifting.

1. Too easily tired – physically tired – with mental work.
2. Very poor stamina.
3. Enthusiasm flags.
4. Not contributing enough.
5. Lapses into silence.

Class of 27th: The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!
Aka – Design for Industry (DFI) stories, Mapping ‘waht is design’: engineer to artist, single to collective.
And: Paper Lamp for Fringe

1. How to work with Mentors: Was inconclusive – but interesting things emerged.
2. Construction Waste proposal: A proposal needs to be made and this muct be naive. See below for the parts of the proposal.
3. Fish bowl: Not taking off.