Simulation Game – Our own business

This was one of the most exciting outcomes of the discussion. Each of you can go off and become a business. Many of you liked this idea:
1. Some of you want to construct one business. And thats – 13 – businesses.
2. Some of you find this idea confronting. And would like to simulate a ‘working within a big co’ situation.
Both these have merit. But interestingly a few of you said – we may not have to do the jobs we are doing – and that is interesting too.

4 months in business and
doing 7 competitions and
watching 36 movies and
meeting 13 new people and
a few other things that you do- – you will stop doing – and will do it differently. Because you will be going through aprocess of becoming creative.

Spoke to Mick about your idea of going into business and he was very excited – and said that is how things used to be in the old days. Students got together and hired a space and worked from there. Some of their work was for uni some of it was for money. And it was fun.

To become a business is a game. And it can be simulated.

Now what you need to think about it is how to be a business that does truly radical and creative things. And doesn’t just service clients. Now it is getting interesting.

Surprise me and I will bring you more creativity things.


6 Replies to “Simulation Game – Our own business”

  1. the idea of being a business, our own design firm, is crazy! this is why i’m here, becuase any other place will tell me i’m wrong, yell at me, then take my money. all i need is some motivation. i want other people to go nuts with their ‘company’ so i can see it and say ‘i’m gonna be so much more crazy than you!’i’m gonna go be radical and creative.


  2. im a little stand offish on the idea of creating my own buisness as i said in class, the idea of starting my own buisness and not being certain about which field i will work in, is distressing. 🙂


  3. Ha, “hire” a space?! What am I paying for here? I have “hired” THIS space, I have hired levels 4 and 5 in building 87. We used to have studio space there. I want to work surrounded by my ideas incubators – other students flopping around like fish out of water like i am – and i intend to reclaim this space. But how? Sit-ins, bolting filing cabinets to the floor, creating movable cubicles out of dumped cardboard, drawing chalklines on the floor, making the lifts not work (oh, hang on…)Any more ideas?


  4. quite right. daft idea. hire indeed. everything is always about money.what if we were to cost each course (say 1500), then each class (115), and make money in each session – @ 29/hour. we wouldn’t have a debt at the end of the course. or do each couse in such a way that we make 1500 from the project – from our ideas.ya its crazy!! and distressing!!!i am confused and frankly – dont know whats going on.


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