Lets fill out the Chart

Have Spider Diagram – Will fill our learning Contract

The Matrix Filled Out and the Grade aspirations finalised. Let us think about where we want to get – and ask Soumitri to do these kinds of lectures, and these kinds of things in the studio. Let us help him get a life – by diving into work and doing it all ourselves – so that he can do other things he needs doing, rather than neglect it all.
a. Lectures List
b. Studio tasks

Capability Development thru self motivated action:
c. Talks by Visitor: Start with Trades Hall, make a list of all the possibilities and then work your way through that. Do not ask yourself – will that be something I will like. It’s not about linking – ask if it will provoke your somnambulant brain.
d. Films: Make a list of films; take care to make a list of films from Eastern Europe. Stay away from English language programming if you can help it. The stay away from Western Europe for a bit. Give your brain a chance.
e. Visits/ Field Trips: Lets go somewhere, can we go to the Lonely Planet Offices and to the Ford Museum. Just two trips which we do together. Can you set it up pl?
f. Term Paper: Lets write up this thing. Let us see if we can construct something in English – not that sort of strange dialectish thing you speak with that strange accent and English words in incorrect places in the sentence.
g. Assignment: Lets do CSI, or this journalistic assignment, or an expose or an investigation. Like the design profession is a racket – a charade – ‘blue’, or slaves to the ‘blue’. In fact the categories may all be things to do ‘tear the mask off’ investigations into. Wont that be exciting.
h. Case Studies: Lets do a story – a good news story. Like the children’s parliament. Lets find people who are doing amazing things in their lives. Lets find people who are people orientated.

Check list of the learning contract:
i. It should be what you like doing. Like watching films.
j. It should then change the way you do this thing. You become an avid Tarkovsky fan.
k. It should inform your ability to work with the idea of the corporation. You get a totally different take on society.
l. It should develop capability. Your thinking is improved.


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