My FRINGE Entry Will be?

1st August Preview
Quickly followed by submission
(but what about the walk down Swanston at Midnight? The boat ride down the Yarra? The Vigil? )


10 Replies to “My FRINGE Entry Will be?”

  1. Once we have brought in our paper lanterns is there a place to keep them at uni, as they are fragile to transport, and many of us catch trains. I don’t know if it’s strange or not I am really getting into this paper thing and have started a small collection, I really like the different textures, colours and fibers. I don’t think I will go as far as becoming a paperophile though.


  2. i will also bring in my lamp monday 1st aug, but it is pretty big! i will also leave it in the room. i am all for a midnight walk down swanston, but we will need to think of alternative power?


  3. Alternative Power: maybe look at soldering up some LED setups and cause they can run off batteries they will make the Lanterns/lamps/paper things portable OR we could try candles (which would be the easier option), although we may then end up a fire on our hands which i think some of the second years would love to see as the are so obssessed with things that burn


  4. i don’t rekon that it would matter how far we got ,at least it would provide entertainment for some and possibly a trip to the burns ward at the hospital…..hmmmm or maybe even a call to the MFB to put them out for us.


  5. lovely. my lamp is an amanda vanstone lamp – wider than it is high, and if i do say so myself – pretty fing big. i dont know that candles are an option. but i’m game to try!


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