What is Design

These were the notes of the lecture I was doing in Class. My job is to bring the points alive and make you attain the concepts. We have done 1 to 3. 4 onwards next week.

1. Design is what designers do!
a. Categorize the population of designers on this planet
b. Categorize work places
c. Categorize works
d. Categorize pathways, staff inclinations
2. How do they design
a. Understanding design process,
b. Paradigms,
c. Communities of practice – and therefore construction of meaning.
d. Nature of Industry differs and so also
e. The role of the designer.
3. There are many Technological discourses in design
a. Formalistic: Cars, Consumer Electronics
b. Formalistic/ problem solving: Medical Equipment, Capital Equipment
c. Formalistic/ production thinking: Chairs, Homewares
d. Art Practice: Objects orientated to one offs and museums.
e. Sustainability: …
4. There are many ways to categorize design
a. Linear/dialectical opposition: Engineering vs Aesthetics:
b. 2D Cartography: Mapping Tendencies
c. 3 D lattice: Function (analytical) to Form(intuitive); simple/clear to complex/fuzzy; reductionist to complex constructions
5. The Propositions designers make are like everything else Arbitrary and completely contextual:
a. 10 Principles of good design: Rams and Braun
b. Neo Primitivism: Branzi
c. Form follows function: Sullivan
d. Form follows fun: ?
6. Design communities may agree on certain shared Key concepts:
a. Design Process
b. Simulations
c. Concepts
d. Mockups
e. Prototypes
7. Designer often talk about Good Design? But what is really challenging is to talk about bad design or Anti Design.
a. Broaden the range of possible
b. Visually Challenging
c. Invent a way
d. Ah – Ha ha – Aha
8. The Spider Diagram – 8 dimensions. Problems in categorizations


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