First Phase is done

The first phase of the semester is over. The first phase belonged to Soumitri. He took three sessions:

1. 13th July: The Corporation was introduced and you were provoked into looking at the design consultancy from a humanist perspective – the way the IDIOT (see below) would see it. You learnt the questioning technique (learning 1); you were given the contract and asked to think about your aspiration grade; You were shown/introduced to the idea of the mentors; You were introduced to the idea of the fish bowl; It was hinted that Corporations privileged GOOD THINKING. And you had your first brush with ‘group discussion’. The idea of the favella was introduced.

2. 20th July: The Notion of Creativity was broached. You did a small exercise in boundary shifting; you were shown a book and told there was a huge resource that you could access; You were introduced to the SWOT. (some of you came into the first year studio – and participated in a discussion – the frist years saw that your thinking was different from theirs- they would comment on this a week later). You brought your thoughts on construction waste – and were not given any time to show or discuss it. But you got time to discuss the tof of the way to deal with mentors.

3. 27th July: You were engaged in a discussion on “what is design”. In this you were introduced to categories; you were handed the spider diagram as a tool. You were then given a spider diagram that spelt out ways for your individual development – you were shown how to use this to fill out your contract-matrix. You pulled out the construction waste printouts, and the tof. You were not allowed to present these. The session was the last of Soumitri’s slots.

The first phase is over. I have opened up for you ways of thinking about three issues; corporation, creativity, design. They may have been closed topics or hidden topics – but now you can go into these areas using the tool kit I have given you.
Corporation-questioning technique
Design-Spider diagram
(And many new words and phrases; which are little satchels to collect things inside)

The frist phase is over. You have learnt a huge amount; three fat things. You have travelled a huge distance (though you feel like you are in the same place). You are now inside three territories (three fortresses?) – and you have to begin your explorations. Go off and realize the signifiicance of what you have learnt.

Now it is over to you.
1. The classroom will be handed over to you on 3rd. Say you want to show something; you will show and I will join the others in commenting or helping.
2. August and September is yours. I will do small lectures/provocations on topics we can mutually agree upon.
3. Decide what you want to do and I will help you work out how to do it.

c u on 3rd


One Reply to “First Phase is done”

  1. and we haven;t done a thing. we are going nowhere.I call this poor substandard education.we sould have been given a course abstract – a piece of paper saying what we have to do. and we would ahve done it.all this ‘figure out for yourself’, find yourself stuff is just so much esoteric rubbish.we are paying good money for this education and not to listen to this drivel – lets get on with it.


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