How is it going?

A quarter of the semester is over.I have brought you to a point where you are irritated, angry, and slightly pissed off.

You are Bored!! You cant stay awake in class. Everything in class makes you angry. Nothing seems to have a point.

And worst of all all your friends, in the other studios, have raced ahead with their projects.

So you hate it. That much is obvious.

But why? Whats going on?

Or hows it going?


7 Replies to “How is it going?”

  1. i think i have just about had it. wish i had picked another studio – something where i could have done a car. just done it and given it my all.this is going nowhere. and seriously i am thinking of switching – may be i will do ev 4 china. atleast there will be some clarity – the lecturer will know that they are doing.


  2. You fucking ignorant bastard. I wish I was doing your studio instead of fucking project zoo. It was the worst fucking mistake but I’m the only one to blame so I’ll just cop it sweet. And what, you want to design a fucking car? There’s no such fucking thing as designing cars, you’re just redesigning them, adding a fucking chamfer or whatever here and there. It’s just this fucking mindless activity, all you’ll be doing is churning out shit. You’ve got the rest of your life to do that, now’s the time to use your fucking brain and to begin to understand what design is about. You know what? It’s not just about design, it’s about your fucking life. If you just want to flood the market with another fucking car then go ahead, I don’t give a fuck. I’ve got no fucking idea of what you’re doing but you’re in a fucking good studio, either shut the fuck up and make the most of it or get the fuck out so someone else can do it.


  3. I disagree with Major Dissent – ‘there is only one voice of dissent’ – umm! Have you seen their recent posts. Not posts – simpering whimperings of a yea sayer. Ah yes – lots of expletives. Because when you dont have substance you can spout expletives. No opinions, no ideas? Well then sorry but no dissent.MJ you are oh so not there!


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