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Here is the thing:
1. I visit your blog every day. And I may not be seeing a post. And I may be visiting many blogs and not seeing any posts or seeing very few. This makes for a reasonably unproductive activity.
2. I visit your blog every day.
3. I have begun a conversation with you – individually. I have waited for 10 weeks to feel confident enough to do this. But having spoken to you I am expecting you to open yourself in your blog. I am waiting to see you talk about yourself – your reflexive study.
4. Why reflexive: For both capability development and more crucially for creativity development you need to go through an activity that is introspective. The dumbledore exercise of taking stuff out of your head.
5. What would I like: To make my blog cruising productive if you can put a post in every day till Oct 17 (end of sem) that would be good.

Note you may not yet have made the transition to:
1. Starting the Blog: Do so and let us talk about your initial experiences on Monday.
2. You have a blog but Posting to it is some distance away: What is the point you say? You mind is a strange thing. And as designers this is our primary resource. Blogging has been known to make tigers out of mice and other such miracles. So give it a shot. If it doesnt work? Doesn’t mater – its only for another four weeks – you will be rid of this course soon enough.
3. You have a blog and you have posted but are not doign a lot on this now: This is the end of the season, the course. And it is here that the blog becomes crucial. So do it for your mag/ book, for your reflection, for a self assessment. And as a contribution to the newer bloggers.

I went on the net looking for ‘reflexive study’ and in a short span of time could only find this example. Which curiously enough is hugely relevant. Take a look.
Writing a reflective journal.

Published by Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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  1. I am not sure if this reflective study thing is meant to be just on studio stuff or not, but most of the posts I have been doing are just reflecting on thoughts and ideas and feelings about what ever event had happened that day, I hope that this is all right Soumitri I hope you are enjoying all the extra posts and are keeping busy reading them, I know I am as I am trying to read everybody’s blogs.


  2. hey haley i think you do apretty good job very hot on the keyboard and the mouse! i have seen you on every blog and you have also been posting on mine, very cool good things to say not ‘boring’ as you already know about my problem. yeah i’m not to sure about what to write either i havn’t written so much about design but how i feel towardsit a bit- you know you’ve read it all. it is dificult to keep track of it all though there are heaps to go through and it’s like having six conversations at once with all these people you can’t put a face to but you can but text to, very different.


  3. A while ago you said that we can print out our good posts along with film reviews and make a personal booklet, I was thinking of giving this ago even though where making a group book as I am really paranoid that some virus is going to come along and wipe off all my stuff. But I have 49 posts so what would be the best to print out, I feel that all my recent posts aren’t relevant to studio.


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