Masters by Course Work (Sustainability)

1. Preliminary concept discussed with HOS/ GC(Arch)/ RH(CFD)
2. First Industrial Design Meeting – 8th June (9.00AM): LF, MW, MD, KP, SV, (SlA)
3. Presentation to Industrial PAC and brainstorming – 19th June.
4. A&D/ DSC/ University Stakeholders presentation: Josh Humphries’ Design Education Group. Late July/ August.
5. Regional Feedback and exploration of Collaboration: China/ India.
6. Document Preparation/ Sept.

Sustainable Consumption

UNU/ ARC Discovery Application (2007 submission)
1. Social Object: Collaborative project in the “sustainable consumption” area.
2. Focussing upon visual/audio documentation of people’s object culture in various countries. Focus upon urban lower income groups in various global contexts.
3. Collaborators (TBC): John Fien, Chris Ryan, Esther Charlesworth, ……
4. International links with India(Praveen, Amrit), China(fan, Ying), Brazil(Cecelia), Israel (Ido, Ezri), Turkey (Alpay, Fatma), Portugal (Eduardo, Carlos), Pakistan(Duria), NZ (Qassim), UK (Chris), .. (TBC).
5. Preliminary talks with Zinaida Fadeeva – United Nations University (UNU).
6. Approach/ Methodlogy chapter and example case work from SV PhD chapter.
7. Global rationale to be developed.
8. Exploring methodology: Group meeting with Amrit Srinivasan/ IIT Delhi, on 5th July.
8. Local stakeholder meetings in July/ August.
9. (SV)

Project Diabetes

WHO (2007?) Project Diabetes
1. Started funded project with industry 2006 – methodology of Radical Innovation that is people centred. Run now as premajor/ Major project – 2 students.
2. Prospecting setting up a WHO collaborating centre re this project (World figures: 180 million today, 366 million diabetics projected for 2030, Australia: 980K today, 1.7 million in 2030 –
3. Talking to David Mainwering re SET collaboration.
4. Proposed to Zhejiang (China), National Institute of Design (India) re their setting up research centres with PhDs – Joint supervision with me. NID has flagged Okay – is talking to Ford Foundation for Grant and support.
5. Exploring methodology: Group meeting with Amrit Srinivasan/ IIT Delhi, on 5th July.
6. More on this by year end.
7. (SV/LF)


PM/M Handbook
1. Draft for discussion – ready.
2. Group drafting/ discussion.
3. Submission to readers/ students: for feedback and consultation.
4. Preparation for print.
5. PDF online.
6. Print production of trial run.


ARC LIEF Grant (2007 Submission)
1. For development of digital capability within the practice of “working with China”.
2. CIs TBC.
3. Preliminary work underway for converting rationale from Linkage app…..


Learner Centred Project
1. Carrick Grant Expression of Interest submitted: Unsuccessful
2. Resubmission to be developed.
3. Possible ARC Discovery application
4. 2 PhD positions
5. CIs: LF, HM, BdlH, HE, SV
6. (LF)

Sus Fund Projects

Sus Fund (Sustainability Victoria) 2006
1. Two applications submitted.
2. Hometowns Project (with S Curlis) – 3 yr project, to develop green maps with 11 city councils and 22 schools in Melbourne. Collingwood College signed on as first school. Mayor of Yarra very keen.
3. Recycling Incubator (by Liam F, with SV (!)) – to set up incubators to support new recycling businesses, in collaboration with City Councils. First on board is Darrebin. Office Space and yard for waste materials to be provided by various city councils. Trial incubator has been run in collaboration with RMIT Business (Ann Gallon). 5 firms have emerged – one for glass recycling (two id students and one business student) has commissioned its first vendor import from Bolivia.
4. Sus fund Results in August.
5. Both offered as electives (and upper pool studios?). June Hope teaches elective.
6. Studies 2 and 4 (July 06) to incorporate both projects.
7. (LF/SC)