Recycling Monopoly

We started off by making a list of locations and color codes, and the order of the sites in terms of value.
So we had a list which we needed to replace.
Soraya(girl, 9 yrs old) and I went on to the net and found real companies. We then discussed which one was to be the most valuable and which would be the least.

Slowly things came together and we had  the board, and cards and  then we spent time stitching the bags. And then of course we played.

Recycling Monopoly

Soumitri in 2006

The year is slowly winding down to a close. And the preparation for next year has begun. This year has been remarkable for me for a lot of reasons – but it has also reignited the impulse to ruminate and reflect.

And then the second half of this year has been a bit frenetic, and my typical week looked like this:
1. Mon (9.30 to 4) Design studio
2. Tue (10 AM) PhD/ Trathen phone chat, (mainly mornings) 1st year Communication, (afternoons) UMAP and New Endeavour ground work
3. Wed (8.30 AM) PhDs, (10 to 1) Upper Pool studio (Elsewhere), (2 to 6) 4th year
3. Thu (at the schools in Fitzroy/collingwood), Hometowns project/ elective
4. Fri (8.00 AM) PhDs, (9.30 to 3.30) Design studies

But the three courses I worked on this semester have come to a closure – and the students are off doing their completions.

My Past work

Then I was a Garbage man. And this is a picture from my Recycling Campus.

For some time I worked with a team in DFS in TU Delft. This is JC and I having a chat during a stakeholder workshop in 2001.

And then with Matteo and the bunch from ITDP/Neew York. This is the rickshaw that changed the world of rickshaws in India.

Update on Spending Habits

Friday was good. Looking back:
1. ‘Say No’ has been completed. But has become so big – that it has now spun off into a movement – ‘the renounce network’.
2. Spending Habits crash assignment has been completed – houses have been visited and conversations have happened.

So the background necessary to start on the games was done very well. And now for the games:
Friday 8th saw the emergence of four types of games.
1. The world/ country/city Game: In the Eva/Diana group.
2. The day Game: In the Kath/Alana group.
In addition two new unexpected developments, and two (for me atleast) spectacular games were thrown up:
3. The Recycling Tycoon: This is what Eva-Diana’s group started with and gave up on. But if this were a game aimed at amassing a fortune by starting recycling factories – Ah that would be awesome.
4. The Diabetes Game: Started by some pretty uncharitable and unprintable expressions from Alana about excess and obesity, and death. But this is a goer too, and I am very excited about this. Its then not really diabetes but food.

So the ‘boys group’ – how about it? Do you want to take up and do one of either 3 or 4?