I have stopped poststing to this blog. No posts in 2007.
I am conserving my writing for papers and a Book is waiting in the sidelines.

It may have been

I may not have been here at all. Years ago – 1990 – I left the urban practice to try a participation in the NGO sector, and the community side to life. I first went to The Friends Rural Centre – Rasulia, and this was when Margorie Sykes was still there and alive. I realised I could give up the city. In 1990 I went to Navadrashanam – then a barren sscrub – and came away feeling I was not ready. Not yet. Or was it just that I could not construct a meaningful life in such an intellectual location. I have spent the past 16 years feeling I just didn’t have the guts. And so I had to revisit this – the site of my turning away from the non-urban.

Navadarshanam has moved on. And it is now a forrest – all so soon. I took some pictures of cows while I was there. And hugged a brown dog.

sam wiv brown dog.jpg

I also realised I had my own thicket and forrest – this is my practice with a community focus. A life I have chosen to construct where some part of it is people and some part of it writing about the change I bring about. And just as I turned away from the designing of objects for the rich – as elitist – so I turn away from the seclusion of communes and rural projects. This time I see what is involved and realise that I have moved on to a place that is more political and less techonological.