Sustainable Furniture Design

This is Pat’s proposal – its work in progress. But you may get ideas from it to improve your own.

The defining of the parts of a proposal is a project in itself. Different approaches exist. Management gurus would have us believe there are specific and defined parts – and many design tutors believe this can be handed out to the student as a clear list. But then in the real world there are many agencies and they all seem to have their own parts. So to be ‘a good designer’ you need the skill to get a project – using just 1500 or so words max – and written in a provocative and exciting style. The cleint reads your proposal and says – EITHER:

1. Oh – thats an amazing proposition. And whats more I have enjoyed reading that stuff. Wonder if that designer can pull it off. And invites you in for a chat.

2. EEK!!! Whats a careless piece of proposal writing. The designer does not care if she/he gets the job. It looks like just another project to them. Its not argued well. No fizz, no sparks, no energy – just some sort of ‘aw well – whatever!’ style writing. If I give them the project – their deign work will also be ‘aw whatever’. And into the bin goes the proposal.

Ask yourself – does your proposal sing!!

Or did soumitri throw it in the bin.

(have a heart and make my life exciting!)

Pat Proposal

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