Complexity and Ranjan

MP Ranjan at NID teaches a course called Design concepts and concerns and this course has a blog. Very impressive. Click here to view.

The Shock

Vendy – we talked today about – what you see is not what the real is. And in the context of the Tsunami we discussed how there is a lot going on – as in how the Tsunami offers an opportunity for powerful interest groups to wrest control of land and resources. In SriLanka this was the waterfront – see Naomi Klein. Also she mentions this in her video:

Letter to RMIT Industrial Design Students


I am helping Lentil as Anything with their web site. I had a meeting with them yesterday and they spoke about how they wanted the site to look and feel. Its going to have lots of stories and lots of videos plus a newspaper. Plus lots of stuff from the people in their community – a big proportion of this community is new migrants and refugees. All, in short, very exciting.

So – if you are keen to work with me on this let me know. Remember – this is voluntary work and you will not be paid for your time and energy in Cash. But you will earn soulfood – you will find much warmth and good feeling.

I am doing this because I believe "we need to do things without expecting something in return". I do this kind of thing for my soul and to feel good about my place on this earth.

READ ON if you are still with me on this.

ABOUT lentil as anything:
1. This is their current site:
2. See this video to know what LAA is about:
3. Shanaka who set up LAA was awarded "australian of the year 2007": By establishing the "Lentil as Anything" concept, Shanaka Fernando has set a wholly successful example to society of how a commercial enterprise can be operated on a socially responsible, idealistic and altruistic basis and still be financially successful and popular with the public. The policy of "no set prices" where customers pay only what they can afford or what they think the meal was worth is a social experiment that encourages people to have an internal conversation with their conscience and their ethics.
4. See Shanaka speak:

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CERES Cookup

Harvest Festival

On the Menu: Bisi Bele Bath and Pachadi – food from Karnataka

Bisi Bele Bath list

  1. Rice 5kg
  2. Dal (Mung+Masur) 5 kg
  3. Salt 250 gms
  4. Peanuts 0.5 kg
  5. Beans 4 kg
  6. Onion 2 kg
  7. Ginger 500 gms
  8. Rasam mix 4 pkts
  9. Turmeric 1 pkt
  10. Coriander pwdr 1 pkt
  11. Curry leaves 8 pkts ( ask Brenton)
  12. Ghee 1 kg
  13. Tomatoes 5 kgs
  14. Asafotida 1 pkt
  15. Gur 1 pkt


  1. Yogurt 5 big tubs
  2. Carrots 5 kgs
  3. Mustard seeds 1 pkt

Budget 200$/ To cook for 300 people

Things needed

  1. Knives and boards
  2. Big pots 4
  3. big stoves 2
  4. Food processor 2
  5. soaking bowls/ tubs 4
  6. serving bowls for Pachadi 4

Volunteers/ cooks: Sophie, Soumitri, Kath, Fiona, Rob, 2 first years, (Simon), …

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39 Deg C

It was 39 yesterday. The native plants have died. I saved water and let them die.

Ford Foundation had a part in the 70s Latin American experiments. I am deep into Naomi Klein and the anger just bubbles up. I have to step away. Should I sell of my Ford?

Should I have not bought my Sony in Jan? To save the Whales.

I read 20 thousand words last week – of Postgrad work. That was too much. It made me lose perspective on the normal things one does in life. Its disorienting. I wear glasses ( spectaacles we used to call them in India). I also wear sunnies ( goggles we used to call them, and shades) in the heat. But I wont say dance with a flat A. And also wont flatten my A in podcast.

I am not teaching UG this semester. So life is a bit dull. Just me and my texts.

My projects, my initiatives, lie about. Like aligators in the sun – beached and listless.

But amidst this I discover ‘ghost action’ a list manager. I badly need it though I think GTD is a bit anal. But then I was not educated well – all this haphaazard stuff one went through.

So it goes.

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My reading and writing from last November to recent opening critical thoughts, questioning, and examining the ‘development’ definition, and the way it’s promoting to ‘improve the quality of life’ for the wider communities in developing countries. Historical and current practices of this discourse, as well as, the futuristic vision providing clear contradiction between the ‘must’ from Westernise point of view ‘based on majority of theory and practises in field’ and what the ‘others’ their thoughts, practises, and interactions. In other words, I started the journey of thinking that ‘restoring’ could be better term than ‘development’ according to my recent research directions……

EndNote X1: Manual Data Entry

EndNote has training Videos online. Check it out HERE!

They have locked/ disabled the ’embed’ function so the link above will have to do.