Nicholas Jones

The Design Files: Interview – Nicholas Jones

I’ll admit it. I have a tendancy to get over-excitable in certain circumstances. I just can’t contain my enthusiasm if I feel genuinely inspired by something or someone. In fact, it has been brought to my attention that I have a habit of gushing if I encounter someone I truly admire. Ouch. BUT in my own defence, this time it’s seriously warranted.


Austrian Design Site

PAD – Pure Austrian Design

Objects floating on a wave are not swept along by the water, but bob up and down instead. On boats, it’s this rocking movement which quickly sends us into a peaceful sleep.

Podcasting resources

Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources

Podcasting may not have lived up to the early hype, but with iPods IPod and other MP3 players MP3 player reviews still selling like crazy, the potential audience for these audio shows is huge. We’ve compiled a monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes.

MacBook Touch

Apple’s major multi-touch plans continue to come into focus » VentureBeat

A lot of companies file patents for products they are never going to make. Apple is no exception. But given how many it has filed the past few years for advanced multi-touch technology and devices, it’d be very surprising if a multi-touch-enabled tablet device isn’t coming from the company at some point in the near future.

The latest patent filing, uncovered by AppleInsider, is one of the most in-depth yet, showing a maturity in the project that may or may not be a product that has been affectionately dubbed by the press the “MacBook Touch.”

Water Footprint

What’s your water footprint? at CIID

You’ve heard of a carbon footprint, and maybe you’ve even calculated yours, but what about your water footprint?Water needed to produce beef

Psystar’s Open Computer the alterna-Mac | Apple – CNET News

A slightly older video. Apple has sued – and Psystar has sued back. For now I am backing the small guy. And I believe the hardware and Software need to be de-coupled.

I am a Mac powerbook user and like the product. But for sometime now I have been having quite negative feelings about this company. The pod and Iphone are both products that are ‘closed’ and as I dont have either  dont have a appreciation for either. I have recently read about Android on Wired. I like the spirit of the open source product. I am for the meek – the small guy – the faint voice.

If Apple wins the lawsuit – then I am going off Apple. Join me if you feel likewise – and add your voice to this blog – post a comment.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Apple Clone

Psystar’s Open Computer the alterna-Mac | Apple – CNET News

After about a month with Psystar’s Open Computer, as long as I ignore the big ugly box underneath my desk it’s easy to forget that this isn’t a Mac.

For about a week or so in April, Psystar dominated the tech headlines with the launch of its Open Computer, a relatively cheap desktop computer with one notable feature: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard preinstalled. That’s technically a violation of Apple’s end-user licensing agreement for its operating system, and requires Psystar to circumvent Apple’s restrictions on Leopard’s use by adding low-level software that tricks Leopard into believing it’s about to be installed on an approved piece of hardware.

Overhaul of design education

British Profs Call for Overhaul of Arts and Design Education –

The Group for Learning in Art and Design (GLAD) has called for radical changes in arts education, the Times (London) reports.

Instead of studying just one artistic discipline, art students should study a variety of mediums, the group of 50 academics claims. GLAD also proposes that teaching groups change frequently over the course of an undergraduate’s education, as opposed to the current system in which students work with the same small group of peers in class after class.

“Greater emphasis should be placed on problem-solving skills, with an eye to preparing students for the unknown,” argues a report put out by the group. “[There should be] stronger involvement of business in the design of the curriculums, to help fill the skills gap.”

Podcasting resources

Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources

Podcasting may not have lived up to the early hype, but with iPods IPod and other MP3 players MP3 player reviews still selling like crazy, the potential audience for these audio shows is huge. We’ve compiled a monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes.


20 Ways To Aggregate Your Social Networking Profiles

In an inspired blog post, Jason Kottke said that social networks aren’t helping us organize; since all of them require different credentials to log in, they’re just adding to the noise. He just might be up to something there. It’s getting harder and harder to remember all those logins, passwords, and most importantly to remember which of your friends are using what network.

Social network aggregators is a relatively new breed of applications which try to consolidate all your various social networking profiles into one, with varying success. Let’s check out 20 biggest competitors in this field.


Build your own mashups with Mozilla’s Ubiquity » VentureBeat

Mozilla just announced that it wants to make the Internet more useful by allowing users to use any service they want anywhere on the web. It’s an impressive goal, with an impressive name — Ubiquity. Basically, Mozilla’s Firefox browser was one of the first to support tabbed browsing, and now it wants to help you close those browser tabs. You won’t need them because you’ll be able to bring up maps, email, translations and whatever else on any page.

This is an idea with a lot of potential. For science fiction fans, you can even think of Ubiquity as the online equivalent of Ubik, the miracle product in Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, which could do anything you wanted. For example, if you’re reading a review of a restaurant that you’re interested in, you can just highlight the restaurant’s address, then with just a click bring up a Google Map of the location in a small window on the page.

Disease Management recogniton

Disease Management Care Blog: Individuals Recognized for Leadership in Disease Management

The Disease Management Care Blog extends a hearty congratulations and ‘job well done’ to the following individuals, who will be recognized in a Sept 7 issue of Managed Healthcare Executive for their leadership in disease management.

My Bag

Cool Hunting

Perhaps the best backpack of the group for laptop transport, the Crumpler Salary Sacrifice features a suspended laptop case within the main compartment to protect it from the worst of drops. Padded and removable, you can even take the laptop case out for use. Constructed of a water resistant shell and ripstop lining and little rain never hurt. Available for AU$230 from Crumpler.

Social networking

Successful Entrepreneur Stories|Famous Young Entrepreneur How to be a Succesful Entrepreneur?: How Social Networking Sites are Helpful in Business?

Web offers a platform to engage professionals and tap key talent for new ventures.

ASOUND adage to know is the one that says it’s not what you know but who you know that counts. Skill and grit can get you far, but it is only networking that will take you far enough. For entrepreneurs, it is the lifeline that fuels their startup aspirations. Until recently, social networking meant daylong seminars which meandered aimlessly or evening tuxedo events, where one waited for the first opportunity to leave gracefully. But it has taken on a whole new meaning in the internet age. Executives at companies of all sizes, but especially in startups, are connecting with professionals around the world through social networking (SN) sites to learn strategy, hire the best people and form alliances.

SI Travel Guide

Good basic reoursce on Social Innovation

Good basic resource on Social Innovation

Social Innovation

The team decided to make a Travel Guide. Hence Social Innovation – A Travel Guide emerged. You can read the entire book by navigating through the chapters on the right.

The book is open for editing and the thought is that the book should become alive, like Wikipedia. We hope that you will stay tuned, get inspired and contribute to evolve the knowledge about Social Innovation and make it accessible for the world.

Socialy Innovative London

Socialreporter | Sketching the social innovation landscape

It looks as if we’ll have a socially innovative autumn in London, with more opportunities and support for people wanting to do good stuff using new (tech) stuff. Here’s what I’ve picked up recently, and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot, so please add a comment with other events and activities you may know about. This round-up rather shamelessly favours my friends.

Sketch – CAD -CNC: Done

Some Benchmarks « Sameer’s Blog

The above one is one of my favourites……. Who says u need to use clay, wood, PU foam, thermocole, CNC milling, Rapid Prototyping for explaining your concept thru a model !!!!!!! I like that attitude !!

EVs in Australia

Zero Emission Vehicles Australia

Here you will find links to various electric vehicle resources on the internet. If you know of a good link we’re missing, contact us and let us know!

Electric Cars can be fun too – Toyota are you listening?

3 of the Fastest Electric Cars Meet for Lunch at Buck’s : TreeHugger

Now that’s a nice family reunion. From left to right, the Tango (0 to 60 in around 4 seconds), the Tesla Roadster (0 to 60 mph in around 4 seconds), and the Wrightspeed X1 (0 to 60 in 3 seconds). What they have in common is that they are all electric cars, and unfortunately, that so far if you have driven one, you are in a very select club.

But while we wait for EV mass production and prices to come down, why not dream a little?

Online communities to build social capital

MediaShift Idea Lab . What’s a Good Challenge for a J-School Innovation Class? | PBS

What I’ve been wondering about is whether new technologies can, in any way, help rebuild social capital among people who live in the same community. We know that online communities enable people with common interests to build powerful connections even if they are halfway around the world from one another. I’m intrigued by the possibility that we could apply these online community tools to strengthening local bonds.

It’s also hard to ignore that when conversations about the news occur on the Web, they often turn ugly — or, at best, fail to advance the discussion beyond ranting and raving. Many news organizations have been struggling just to keep their online comments civilized — let alone productive. I have been wondering if there’s a way that journalists can play a role in improving these conversations — for instance, by doing original reporting to corroborate or debunk what people are saying in these online conversations.

Evidence that local media can play a role in fostering community conversation can be found in newspaper history. David Paul Nord’s fascinating book, “Communities of Journalism,” for instance, describes many instances in which newspapers served as community forums, not just as one-way communicators of news and information. He describes the way newspapers enabled Philadelphians to share valuable information during a yellow fever epidemic in 1793. And how Chicago newspapers built a sense of community through letters to the editor.

Online communities have been around for decades, since before the World Wide Web. And anyone who has participated in successful online communities knows that they can build powerful interpersonal connections that transcend members’ gender, racial or ethnic differences. Yet, there are also arguments – for instance, by Cass Sunstein in his book – that online communities can foster isolation and division by enabling people to connect only with those whose characteristics and attitudes are like theirs.

New Health Care model?

HEALTHCARE: Barack Obama sets himself an unbelievably difficult timeline to reform healthcare delivery in the United States | Opinions |

Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms fit this model nicely. He bundles three evergreen feel-good concepts — electronic medical records (EMR), disease prevention and chronic-disease management — and totes up dubious savings to fund his ultimate goal of making health insurance affordable to everyone.

Obama has pledged to lower healthcare costs to save the typical family $2,500 annually in insurance premiums by the end of his first term.

This is an unbelievably tall order — and an increasingly elusive target. Ironically, Obama’s own Web site points out that health insurance premiums have risen six times faster than wages in the last four years. And a survey of insurers indicates that healthcare costs will go up 10 percent in 2009.

Say no to bottled water!

Can new-look fountains beat the plastic bottle? |

THEY were once the yuppy accessory of choice, but the days of the plastic water bottle may be numbered. If a national campaign initiated by a group of Sydneysiders is a success, the humble drinking fountain will take its place.

Fountains offering free filtered water have been installed along Manly beach as part of a bid by the local council to slash bottle use and associated litter.

Next week, Manly Mayor Peter Macdonald and the head of the Bottled Water Alliance, Jon Dee, will send letters to councils around Australia urging them to upgrade their own fountains.

As part of the pitch, filtered water company Culligan Australia — which provided free filters for the six Manly bubblers — will offer councils free filter equipment and half-price replacement filters into the future. Companies that provide filtered water in shopfronts or other public areas will also be offered the deal, Culligan general manager Tim Gordon said.

The Bottled Water Alliance, which also includes Culligan, is expecting a good response. Since reports on the new Manly bubblers appeared in Sydney earlier this month, Culligan has been approached by another Sydney council, and two banks have expressed interest in offering filtered water to customers.

Mr Dee has form — he was the head of Planet Ark when it spearheaded the campaign against plastic bags. He concedes water fountains have an image problem — they often don’t work or are thought to be germ-infested — but he says this is why the Alliance is urging councils to upgrade their fountains, even if they don’t embrace filters.

If councils could guarantee that the water quality from fountains is as good or better than the bottled water being sold in that local area, people would be encouraged to use refillable bottles, he said.

Disease Management

Disease management (health) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Disease management is the concept of reducing healthcare costs and/or improving quality of life for individuals with chronic disease conditions by preventing or minimizing the effects of a disease, usually a chronic condition, through integrative care. It is also often known as: demand management, health management programs, or disease self-management.

Locavore – Design Competition possibility

Student Design Competition <- CFPs <- Authors

The Design Problem

A predominant cultural shift is underway, as societies begin to embrace the real-world implications of sustainable design. This shift has been described in a number of ways, including “slow design” or “act local, think global”; each description attempts to capture the nature of living a life that brings raw materials and production closer in proximity to their origins. By utilizing resources that are locally produced, and by disposing of these resources in a way that supports the local environment, a regional value system can be established that affords sustainable practices and that financially supports the local culture.

Design an object, interface, system, or service intended to support the idea of utilizing or consuming local resources rather than global resources, in a sustainable and environmentally efficient manner. Use methods of ethnography and contextual research to understand the problem space, and develop user-centered design solutions to support, assist, enhance or otherwise benefit your target audience. Your solution could address the methods of production or transportation of local resources, or could focus on the consumptive and disposal processes; whatever the focus, however, the solution must clearly illustrate positive value to both local stakeholders and to the local environment in your respective region.

To enter the competition, student teams may present either a concept (a clear, detailed design specification that can be taken to prototype), or a fully realized prototype. Either way, teams must clearly illustrate their design decisions and demonstrate the user centered design processes that have been followed. Additionally, as this problem has a broad cultural and social focus, “system design thinking” is encouraged. We strongly encourage consideration of:

* Previous work in this area and in adjacent areas
* Ethnography and contextual research to ground your design decisions
* Elaboration of methods for evaluating your designs within your iterative design framework

Fuel Cell car

Corgi H2GO RC Car Turns and Runs on Water – Gizmodo Australia

The Corgi H2GO is a RC card powered by a fuel cell which gets refilled with hydrogen extracted from water. Like the previous model, the H-Racer, it uses solar-powered electrolysis to do it. Unlike the straight-line-only H-Racer, however, the H2GO is a real RC car that can actually turn left and right. Playing Dr. Manhattan will set you back US$255. [Corgi via Pocket-Lint]