Disease Management

This post describes ‘Disease Management’ – as a key to economic management of Healthcare. Well put.

Paresh Vaish – Director at The Boston Consulting Group. « Vaish Paresh Articles (BCG)

One opportunity to tackle these costs is offered by the concept of disease management. This concept is based on the fact that most healthcare costs (over 80%) are result from complications that arise from improper management of a disease. For example, many see India as the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes is a disease whose effects on an individual’s quality of life can be controlled if the patient works closely with his/her doctor and takes medication to manage the same. However, if the disease is not managed well, diabetes can lead to severe complications including blindness, heart disease etc. the managing of which contributes the lion’s share of the healthcare bill for our citizens. The magnitude of this opportunity becomes clear when one realizes that of 34m people estimated to have diabetes in India today, for example, nearly 50% are undiagnosed. Further, many of those who are diagnosed do not follow prescribed treatment. It is not surprising; therefore, that many of these individuals develop complications related to untreated diabetes thereby incurring huge healthcare costs.


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