Fuel Cell car

Corgi H2GO RC Car Turns and Runs on Water – Gizmodo Australia

The Corgi H2GO is a RC card powered by a fuel cell which gets refilled with hydrogen extracted from water. Like the previous model, the H-Racer, it uses solar-powered electrolysis to do it. Unlike the straight-line-only H-Racer, however, the H2GO is a real RC car that can actually turn left and right. Playing Dr. Manhattan will set you back US$255. [Corgi via Pocket-Lint]


2 Replies to “Fuel Cell car”

  1. wow! what a great concept. It gives new meaning to the remote control car, truly unique. Could the same idea and concept be applied on a larger scale? Say a full sized passenger vehicle..it would most certainly revolutionize the car industry and make todays hybrid cars seem like a thing of the past.


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