How much for Health

This is US expenditure and future scenarios re HealthCare. The US has a huge private sector – thought the insurance sector – on Health. So health care comes with your job – and if you dont have a job you could be in trouble.

Health Care: The Real Fiscal Nightmare

Total health-care spending in the U.S. by both public and private sources is expected to expand from 16% of GDP to 40% of GDP in 2040.

The pressure to reform America’s broken-down, balkanized health-care system isn’t going to disappear. Indeed, the cries for change will only grow louder. In a competitive global economy, layoffs, restructurings, downsizings, reengineerings—pick your favorite euphemism—are a permanent part of management’s toolkit. Globalization and free trade bring enormous benefits to the U.S. economy and society.


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