Build your own mashups with Mozilla’s Ubiquity » VentureBeat

Mozilla just announced that it wants to make the Internet more useful by allowing users to use any service they want anywhere on the web. It’s an impressive goal, with an impressive name — Ubiquity. Basically, Mozilla’s Firefox browser was one of the first to support tabbed browsing, and now it wants to help you close those browser tabs. You won’t need them because you’ll be able to bring up maps, email, translations and whatever else on any page.

This is an idea with a lot of potential. For science fiction fans, you can even think of Ubiquity as the online equivalent of Ubik, the miracle product in Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, which could do anything you wanted. For example, if you’re reading a review of a restaurant that you’re interested in, you can just highlight the restaurant’s address, then with just a click bring up a Google Map of the location in a small window on the page.


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