Life360 wins the Android challenge, has big aspirations but has yet to see an Android phone » VentureBeat

The bet paid off — literally. Life360 was chosen as one of the 10 winners of the first Android Development Challenge. The app, chosen from 50 finalists, won the team a $275,000 prize. Money which Hull says will go back into the development of the application.

You see, Life360 is far from complete. While it won the prize for its Android app, the service’s goal is to be on a variety of platforms serving as a backbone for messaging in times of crisis or for families hoping to keep track of one another. If someone is injured in an accident or a natural disaster occurs, Life360 wants to be your lifeline to people that can help.

For example, if you’re in an emergency, you could push a panic button that you designate on your phone and have it place a pin on a map using your GPS coordinates, and send out an alert to your emergency contacts to let you know where you are and that you’re in distress.


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