Skip the Plastic Bottle

White Spigot Water Fountain photo

Back To The Tap: Three Ways To Get Fancy Water, And Skip The Plastic Bottle : TreeHugger

The problem of one-use plastic bottles has far from gone away – we’re still chucking out 30 billion empties globally each year. At least a six-pack of different U.S. and Canadian cities has come up with some kind of bottled water restrictions, hooray. But how to quench our collective thirst – have you noticed how few and far between once-common water fountains have become? Some solutions are cropping up, however, at least giving restaurants and offices a way to supply tap and sparkling water for guests and employees.

Filtered, carbonated, and (so far) free
Natura Water system is installed in more than a dozen restaurants and hotel eateries (such as Chez Panisse) in L.A., San Francisco, Miami and now Chicago – and so far, these places are serving it without charging patrons. The Natura system is an on-site filter system that takes local tap water and passes it through carbon to remove dirt, rust, chlorine, and other impurities, and then through a disinfection chamber to kill 99% of microorganisms and germs – then chills it and carbonates if desired. Natura isn’t practical for home use – the shiny, espresso-like dispensing machines run into the thousands of dollars, making a glass pitcher in the fridge a much better alternative (though only for still). Natura says it would like to get into the home market, and one Swedish company already has – hit the jump for more.

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