Honda Hybrid

Honda Wants to ‘Change Customer Perception of Hybrids’ | Autopia from

Honda’s taking on the mighty Toyota Prius with an uber-cheap hybrid the company says will double its hybrid sales by making eco-friendlier cars as affordable as they are fashionable.

The Civic Hybrid (pictured) has long been an also-ran to the Prius, which has outsold Honda’s gas-electric models 4 to 1 during the past decade and become synonymous with green motoring. Honda hopes to take down the king and redefine the market with the all-new affordable five-door hybrid it’s unveiling for the first time Thursday.

“This is a very important car for Honda and our future direction,” John Kingston, environmental manager of Honda UK, said in Germany during the European launch of the new Jazz (aka the Fit). “This is a car that will change customer perception of hybrids.”


One Reply to “Honda Hybrid”

  1. At least the civic is good looking. The Toyota prius looks like a heap and really is quite an eye-sore. This car should do what John Kingston proclaimed in that it will “…change customer perception of hybrids”


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