New Design School at Ambedkar University Delhi

There is to be a new School of Design in New Delhi. This will be in the new university – AUD or Ambedkar University, Delhi. See link below to the site of the university.

What is exciting about this initiative is both the mandate and vision of the university (as can be interpreted from the name) and its location in New Delhi. I wrote some time back – about New Delhi being the next design city after London – spruiking Delhi as it were as the most likely candidate among to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to have a vibrant design culture that looks into the future with fresh eyes. You can see that text here.

Welcome to Dr. BR Ambedkar University, Delhi (AUD)

Ambedkar University, Delhi (AUD) is mandated by its Act to focus on teaching and research in Social Sciences and the Humanities. AUD is poised to be a unitary university with both postgraduate and undergraduate programmes on campus. AUD can develop into a multi-campus system with campuses spread over the National Capital Territory.

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