Rent a Goat


Podcast No. 10: Boldly Goat Where No Lawnmower Has Gone Before | Wired Science from

For an average lawn, a mower works just fine, but for fire-prone slopes or polluted landfills, an increasing number of cities are turning to a rugged biological machine: the goat.

The sure-footed creatures pack a world-renowned four-chambered stomach that allows them to devour tree bark and magazines as easily as you nibble lettuce. Key to the process is the rumen, which “acts as a big fermentation vat,” and allows goats to selectively regurgitate food for rechewing until it can actually be digested. From this process, the goats get the ability to eat roughage and the English language received the verb “ruminate.”

Now, urban and industrial sites across the country are exploiting this amazing machinery to clear their lands of unwanted vegetation without using chemicals or lawnmowers.


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