Design Thinking tool kit

Design thinking for the mass. « Contagious Creativity

What was different about it this time, that it was the first time I am engaged in offering Design Thinking to an open group. Usually it’s more like one organization or a group of people who want to tackle a certain issue and we go through the process together. Having the group come from different backgrounds and experiences was refreshing to see as the evening evolved and topics were covered in the shortest time I’ve seen them before. Yet, isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?

Since the age of time, or even longer, architects and other designers have been teaching their students how to use sketching and drawing not only to translate their ideas for others to see, but also as a mechanism to work out certain details that help in solving their problems. Now the world is “discovering” those Design Studios, embracing their mechanism and finding ways to adapt it to their everyday lives. Something both challenging as well as exciting for those non-designers among us.

So here it is, design thinking for the mass.

I’ll build on the workshops’ material and focus on one model at a time. Let’s start by the d school model in design thinking and work our way to others as needed.


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