Evenson Lecture: Service Innovation, Strategy, and Design

Service Innovation, Strategy, and Design – Garysguide.org – The #1 Tech & Media Events Calendar

Shelley Evenson will discuss how to design services, how businesses can benefit from the increased value of well-designed services, and how we can continue to define this emerging design field. Shelley will also engage the group in how technologies such as sensors and ubiquitous communication will shape the future service experience.
About Shelley Evenson

Shelley Evenson is an associate professor and director of graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design. Evenson teaches in the area of interaction design. Her work has always focused on tapping into the needs of constituents, defining the best opportunities to respond to those needs, quickly prototyping the response, and iteratively reshaping it based on feedback.

Prior to her academic career, Evenson was vice president and chief experience strategist for Scient, director of design at DKA/Digital Knowledge Assets, director at Doblin Group, and vice president of Fitch. She has published many articles and presented papers at numerous conferences on design languages in hypermedia, interaction design, design research, and service design. Her current interests include design strategy, languages, prototyping, and what lies beyond user-centered design.


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