Senior Industrial Design

Krop: Lunar Design, Inc. is looking for a Senior Industrial Design

About Us: LUNAR is a leading creative force in the practice of design and product development, with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Hong-Kong, and Munich. Our passion is creating beautiful products that are relevant to the people who buy and use them. The diversity of our staff, which represents nationalities from all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas, gives us a broad perspective and enables us to design for a global audience. We draw from many viewpoints, sources of inspiration, and histories to infuse our projects with emotion and meaning, as well as functionality and brand presence.

About You: You’ve taken the time to look at our website, and you don’t just want to work for any award-winning design firm; you want to work for LUNAR. You’ve earned at least a BA in ID/Product Design and have 5-8 years experience, which has given you a sense of vision, strategy, and a strong and unique point of view. You are sensitive to the evolution of design and are eager to explore expanding areas of the design world, such as design for sustainability and social design.


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