Another year comes to an end

Its November – and I have finished my teaching for the year. So I am not thinking of my students – but am focussing upon the world of ideas. Typically in this period I reconnect with the core of by practice. I was asked yesterday – what my dreams these days are. I said I haven’t got dreams of the flash big house, that possession, that car (maybe a cruiser HD bike on the side would be nice) – if anything I would like to see my Diabetes company take off. The business plan of the company is in this blog – hidden away making it difficult for you to find. But seriously it is open source – as it should be.

I used this blog to keep pace with my explorations in Social Innovation. When November came I found myself working on a vision-strategy document for a new design school in New Delhi. A school with an affirmative action slant – which dovetails into my ‘social’ focus in design – as against the technological. So I read on the net, got google alerts happening, got lots of RSS feeds on Netnewswire – and the best of this stuff found its way into the blog. This was a lot – so Mark said ‘thats a lot’.

This point of the shift was also the still point of the turning world – it was the week Obama made it to the White house. I could safely delete all the ‘real clear politics’ feed and other such alerts. That was over – or so I thought. I have kept the Atlantic Monthly blogs – and discovered Megan McArdle – after her blast about bailouts.

So this post is in a new category called Faint Voice News – where I plan to reflect and give the reader (I seem to be acquiring a neat little following) advance warning about the shifts in my preoccupations.

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