Diabetes in India

So its now the BBC – that is saying it. 10% or more of Indians have diabetes. A third or less are detected.

1. WHO says in the thirty millions. Out of a world population of 177 million.

2. With these new figures we are looking at 100 to 150 million diabetics.

If I were to take the 5$ per day subsidy (in Australia) as a ball park figure to arrive at the Health Care costs of an individual living with Diabetes we get the figure of 500 million per day.  Will the public health system provide a subsidy – to pick up the cost of testing strips? Either totally or partially.

Overall the state spends very little on health in India – so the individual diabetic has to spend 70% for the testing strips. This brings us to 350million $ (Australian) as the total spend from the diabetics in India. In reality of course this expenditure is not really incurred.Tags:

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