Service design as a growing discipline

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Business and management courses are fast-growing areas in education and increasingly, courses or modules in these courses are being included that show how to manage products and services. The design of services is a natural component of such courses.

* There are plans to open a college in Northumbria that has services and service design as its main focus. This is planned to have 6,000 new service design graduates per year and between 270 to 350 faculty by 2012.
* The University of California, Berkeley is offering a Services Science graduate course for the first time in 2006.
* Paul Horn, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research, has suggested a new academic discipline of Services Science that would ‘bring together work in the more established fields of computer science, operations research, industrial engineering, management sciences, and social and legal sciences, in order to develop the skills required for a services-led economy.


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