Is Illustrator the New King of ID Software?

Industrial Design Sandbox: Is Illustrator the New King of ID Software?

Adobe Illustrator is now the most requested software for industrial design positions, dethroning Photoshop. Solidworks is third on the list and clearly the most requested 3D application in ID job postings in IDSA’s Design Perspectives monthly newsletter. Nine issues of the newsletter were studied from March 2007 to October 2008 and the number of specific mentions of software were counted. Only industrial design postings were counted, not graphic design, engineering, or educational positions. (See graph at left.)

Adobe Illustrator has proved to be a very versatile rendering tool for design and has especially improved in usefulness since version CS2. Color shape areas remain as editable vectors and filters and effects such as blur, feather, drop shadow, bevel, emboss and others can be used to great effect.

Scott are you watching this? I think your call to make students learn Illustrator in sem 1 was a good call.


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