Louis Schmier

I first came across Louis – in the early days of internet, 1994-95 – on the discussion group he ran – the dead teachers society. And I listened to him go on about the task of the teacher – and it sat well with me. I have taught not for a meritocracy but with my eye and heart on the individual student.

Louis Schmier

Fifteen years ago, I had what I consider an “epiphany”. It changed my understanding of myself and my approach to teaching. My teaching has taken on the character of a mission. It is a journey that has taken me from seeing only myself to a commitment to vision larger than myself and my self-interest. I now believe that being an educator means I am in the “people business”. I now believe that the most essential element in education is caring about people. Education without caring, without a real human connection, is as viable as a person with a brain but without a heart.

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