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Who We Are

Imagine living free from oil.

Picture zero-emission electric cars running on a clean energy grid. Governments, auto makers, energy companies and Better Place work hand-in-hand to make this happen. The result: our people and our planet prosper together.

This is more than a vision. It’s something Better Place and its partners are already building.

In 2005 the President and Founder of the World Economic Forum posed the following question to a gathering of young, global leaders, “How do you make the world a better place by 2020?” This profound question inspired Shai Agassi, Founder and CEO of Better Place, to imagine a world without oil.

Agassi drew from his entrepreneurial experience and insights from world leaders to formulate a business plan that applies mobile phone industry economics and renewable energy to transportation.

Founded in October 2007 on $200 million of venture capital, Better Place, in its first six months, announced cooperative agreements with Israel and Denmark to transform their transportation infrastructure from oil-based to renewable energy and significantly reduce harmful emissions.


One Reply to “Better Place”

  1. This vision is not far to happen. Reducing harmful emissions could be attain easily as if we can redefine our needs and wants. Demands perse. Together with the diversion of our mentality to a renewable energy. Our needs and wants has chain effect in the part of capitalists. However technology satisfaction relating to economic strategies has a big impact in the long run. Is there a machine already that can do the work load of a prime mover truck that is not already using crude oil? Or simply has the alternative way?


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