d.light – About Us

The use of kerosene lamps has caused countless disabilities and loss of lives. Kerosene lamps are a poor and unreliable source of light that emit smoke and create unhealthy home environments. They depend on kerosene fuel, which is expensive for the rural family. There are 1.6 billion people worldwide who still use kerosene as their exclusive source of light.

Our Vision
D.light will be a world market leader in off-grid lighting and power solutions, unceasingly serving our customers with innovative products that improve their lives.

Our Mission
We will replace every kerosene lantern in the world with high quality and affordable light and power solutions, thereby providing everyone access to a basic human need: safe and bright light.

By 2010, we will improve the lives of 10 million customers.

By 2015, 50 million customers.

By 2020, we will have improved the lives of 100 million customers.

By then, we will have significantly contributed to completely replacing kerosene as a lighting source with clean, safe, and affordable lighting.


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