Palin goes Viral?

This is hockey mum plate on a 4 ltr Ford Falcon in Melbourne, Australia. I guess the Palin phenomenon has gone viral – and global. Just like a few weeks ago I posted about the president of India’s ultra right party using ‘yes we can’ as their slogan.

Now I did’t know if there was ice hockey in Melbourne – so I spent a day talking to friends about how Hockey in Melbourne is a game for the kids of the Chardonnay-latte set, and how this is in sharp contrast with hockey in the US where it i is this incredibly kitted up violent game – atleast from what little I have seen of it on TV. So I went looking for hockey in Melbourne – just to get my facts right. I found the turf, stick and ball hockey. But I also found ice hockey in Melbourne. Is it as rough and violent as its American counterpart I wonder.


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