UrbanSurvival » Blog Archive » ‘Release Language” and Cyberchondria

In the predictive linguistic work, we’re in what’s labeled an ‘emotional release’ period. Generally, the whole world when you step back far enough most times is either ‘building tension’ or ‘releasing tension’. The ‘building’ periods are when you suck in your breath, watch with building expectation, knowing that something’s going to come of whatever it is that holds attention, but not sure when it will begin. “Release’ on the other hand, runs from the moment of state-change to whenever ‘release’ has run its course.

A somewhat practical application on the concept comes from watching the activities of Somali pirates of late. Today, they have released the Greek motor vessel (MV) Centauri after holding it more than two months. She carries 17,000 tons of salt.

During their ‘building period’ the pirates have amassed about a dozen ships. Since we’re in a ‘release period’, among the news items I would not be surprised to read about would be more releases, especially since countries like Germany are going, in effect “WTF?” and are offering to send military forces to the region.


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