The Table in Context

This is interesting and different from the studio as the location of design. But still valid as the consultant preoccupation. What may also be interesting is to focus upon what we do not speak about because we believe mistakenly that what we believe in as the ‘right way’ is ubiquitous or that our way of thinking is ‘value free’. Designers are actually an ‘agency’ and their practice is a campaign (see the web address of this blog) – and this is why designers become outdated so easily.

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Being outside allows designers to be advocates: lobbyists for what is the right thing to do for the users, the integrity of product itself, and even in some cases for what is best for the business.


As Dreyfuss knew, sometimes it benefits us to be more like artists than scientists. Design is, after all, a combination of science and art, and it is often art’s job to shine a light on what is uncomfortable or hard to do: the strange and unusual. The Truth with a capital T (which also means Trouble). We just need to draw on that legacy more often. Telling a CEO her vision of the product is the wrong one is not easy. It requires two things: courage and allies.


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