You may already practice service design

Service design is old – and many different people do it. But the time has come to move from ‘need’ driven initiatives – which are also called social innovations – to a more ‘systematic approach’. For social innovations and disruptive innovations dislodge the dominant industry – and companies today looking to build resilience need the ‘method’. We also need method to educate more designers who will focus away from material outcomes towards – making the world a better place.

I track jamin thru an RSS feed – and find his gentle way of discussing topics very refreshing. I always post in a hurry – and actually dash off – to chuck another over in the backyard or  coffee at ‘workshop’ (but of course I dont drink coffee – its the principle of the thing – though I love the taste of coffee) – and every post of mine looks shockingly rough. But I console myself – that I blog for myself – its my assemblage, my herbarium.

So go check out Jamin. Its a Good blog to watch.

Service Design: What’s Next? |

Does this mean service design requires a different process or skills? Yes and no. As I said, if you practice interaction design in its broadest sense, know the design process well, and take a user-centered approach, service design will not be a huge leap. You may already practice service design. However, as Shelley Evenson said during the conference, additional skills she would look for in service designers are business and systems skills: the latter because services often rely on other services.

I do not think service design is a distinct discipline of design. The term is important for helping to bring design into new territory. But I view service design as a practice of design. I’m sure there are some who will disagree, and I’d love to hear their views.


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