Chocolate Fondue Party In Melbourne’s Fed Square

I saw this on Gail’s Pigs will Fly Blog. And am putting it here to pass the word on.

Pigs Will Fly | the can do community blog » Fairtrade Chocolate Fondue Party In Melbourne’s Fed Square

Melbourne’s Fed Square is about to host Australia’s largest chocolate fondue party…with the aim of ending the slavery of trafficked children on cocoa plantations in Africa.

Pradeepa – from the Ethical Consumer Group – is inviting people who feel passionate about people trafficking, as she does, to come to the Fondue Party and if you can’t make it, check out the World Vision video regarding child labour and chocolate. Pradeepa says

“It’s not depressing – it is touching and lets us know what we can do.”

About The Video

The chocolate industry has repeatedly failed to adequately tackle labour exploitation in West African cocoa fields… bubbles of nothing. Big Chocolate, just say YES and stop using child labour in cocoa production.

Clearly this is an event well worth supporting AND there WILL BE Fairtrade chocolate!!!!

Date Sunday January 18, 2009
Time 10:30am – 12:30pm
Reply Please email Pradeepa if you’d lkike to attend –


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