Warning! Riding a Bicycle Can Have the Following Side Effects

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Warning! Riding a Bicycle Can Have the Following Side Effects: : TreeHugger

If you are thinking about replacing a car trip with a bicycle trip instead, it is important to know the repercussions of that choice. Read further for 8 side effects that your doctor or bicycle salesman may not have told you about.
1) Weight loss
If you are trying to get fat, then cycling might not be right for you. Cycling has been known to deplete calories stored in the body’s fat reserves, thus decreasing the gravitational pull on the affected body.
2) Slowed breathing
Those who cycle regularly have reported more time needed for each breath during both exertion and periods of rest.
3) Dangerously low amounts of stress
Those who commute to work by bicycle have been observed to be void of hostility, which some claim is an important survival tool in today’s world.
4) Punctuality
Being able to navigate around traffic, take shortcuts through places where cars can’t fit, and choose between both car AND bicycle infrastructure can often leave cyclists bored and twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the rest of their associates to show up at work or when meeting friends for lunch.
5) Caffeine free mental stimulation
Those who cycle often attain natural alertness and thus are unable to justify a delicious morning cup of coffee.
6) Feelings of Invincibility
Those who power their own commute often feel that they can accomplish anything.
7) It can be a gateway activity
Cycling can lead to the curiosity, exploration, and even a dependence on other natural, non-motorized activities.
8) Extreme joy
Regular cyclists often have trouble understanding road rage, and thus often get left out of the popular passtime. Too much smiling can also add laugh lines to the face.


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