Last week

This is the last week before I go back to work – the kids go back to school actually, so I can head off to do things.

Small snippets of info:

1. I am now totally converted to ‘cloud computing’. I have deleted my ‘mail’ accounts – and am into gmail. I still miss ‘mail’. All th google stuff is  bit ugly – so my current aesthetic environment is less than perfect. But then I started my internet life in 1994 with ‘pine’ – that is DOS text.

2. I have shut down bloglines and netnewswire – and convereted to google reader.

3. I have (not totally) given up writeroom and am going to give DarkCopy a shot.

4. I am nudging my collaborators to use Google docs more. So I will be off word. (incidently – google has some kind of relationship with open office? Open office is as ugly – just wondered!).

The last thing I need to do is to get the IT lot to change the computer in my office – its very slow on the web.


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