Metaphors for sustainability

Metaphor Project: Current and Emerging Metaphors re Sustainability

This handy reference list of metaphors does
not pretend to be comprehensive, although we
periodically add to it. Most important, it is
definitely not intended to stop you from
thinking up new ones. The mainstream examples
(marked with *) are mixed in with the
progressive ones deliberately, in the hope
that this juxtaposition will also help
stimulate your own creativity in coming up
with new and even more effective versions. If
important ones, mainstream or progressive,
have been left out please let us know.


One Reply to “Metaphors for sustainability”

  1. I like the metaphor project idea. I’ve been thinking for some time about the Hindu Brahma-Vishnu- Shiva model (creator-sustainer-destroyer [recycler?]- although I don’t have any academic background there to draw a connection between the ancient religious, spiritual, philosophical designation on the one hand, and the modern social/ ecological movement on the other hand. I am intrigued with the idea of sustainability being defined as nourishment, or sustenance, espescially if this fosters a positive and active view, as we are well supplied with warnings of dire consequences and calls to reaction.


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