Add Signatures to Gmail

If you have been following my posts this year you will already know that I have decided to complicate my life completely. What I did two weeks ago – to put a date to it and be scientific say ummm at 11 AM on 19th of January – was to say I was going to do cloud computing and only that. This meant:

  1. I give up using all the software on my computer – my mac Powerbook.
  2. I give up mail, addressbook, ical, and Groupwise (which is the Novell software that work loads onto my computer – which is not my computer, it is theirs)
  3. I give up word, excel and powerpoint (which I gave up years ago)
  4. I give up writeroom and shift to dark copy instead.
  5. I give up dreamweaver and flash (which I was crap at anyway).
  6. I gave up adium for chat – so msn, yahoo and gchat(is that what its called?) were gone.

Then I would delete these programs from my computer. But seriously you dont expect me to do that – no I did delete groupwise (hated that anyway – have you looked at help online in groupwise? it is seriously something subterrainean, awesomely arcane) – so I deleted all the software from my dock. But I did get rid of Adium (lovey icon).

Then I should mention what I had to do before I did all that deleting – I had to migrate everything online.

  1. Mail was easily done – as gmail (why would anyone want to use any other mail service). I then had gcal, and contacts in mail.
  2. The I added heaps of firefox add ons.

Which brings me to Blank Canvas.

  1. I have 5 email accounts. And wanted a different signature for each of them.
  2. Blank canvas helped me do that. Greasemonkey was a bit roundabout anyway.
  3. So now I had 5 signatures and five accounts. Though I had to choose the signature each time – it wouldn’t automatically recognize which signature I wanted for which account like Mail did. Still things were fine and people at work received email that looked it came from work-email and not from shonkey gmail (which I may have been sending from the beach!)
  4. But inexplicably the signatures vanished on monday. On leave were you – you naughty blank canvas.

Today is Friday – and guess what they are back – all the signatures. Just like that inexplicably.

(more on cloud computing over the weeks and months as my life goes al over the place. but guess what – when it cools down, I will ride the 15kms to work. Without the panniers and the laptop! As if – I am wedded to the damn machine. But no harm saying it. I tried.)

Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures :: Firefox Add-ons

Automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which address you are sending from. Supports up to four signatures for each address you have set up. Works for Compose Message and Reply/Forward.


One Reply to “Add Signatures to Gmail”

  1. Oh Sam, I have to one up you. I am browser independent.

    Browser extensions slow you down anyway. Have a look at bookmarklets.

    I do still use Adium and Skype, however replaces both.

    Also, have you tried

    This is a strange time, the semantic web is enabling things like going cloud centric, though it still does not really exist so as we try to go to the cloud we are learning to speak like computers, not always the other way around – the semantic human is coming first 🙂


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