Ponting did not see the replay?

I grew up in India and then now live in Australia – where when you are disappointed about someone not playing fair you say – aw that is not cricket. See here for the idiom:

It’s/That’s not cricket – Idioms – by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

It’s/That’s (just) not cricket! (British & Australian, humorous)
that you say when you think something someone has said or done is not
right or not fair. You can’t make me do the washing up after I did all
the cooking – it’s just not cricket!

Yesterday at the cricket something quite momentous happened – the Australian wicket keeper wasn’t pushing himself to do the right thing. He let it be – should he have spoken up? Let us not moan the passing of Gilchrist again. Let us use another idiom which is not so popular but will become soon enough the more we miss him: ‘Gilly wouldn’t have done that’. Gilly was a hero and it was his integrity we speak of – honesty still makes heroes. Let us leave that for a bit. See video and make up your mind.

And go over to the story that is becoming farcical – as a post WMD kind of motif – Ponting coming to the defence of Haddin said he hasn’t seen the replay. Really? Thats odd.

Should we praise Ponting for coming to the defence of his keeper? Could Ponting have spoken more graciously?
We moan the passing of an era – maybe thats the era of the ugly cricketer. Its time for more grace and charm to come in – for then cricket will be truly cricket and not this battle of holigans.

Vettori furious over Haddin’s actions | CRICKET

Replays of New Zealand batsman Neil Broom’s dismissal for 29, bowled by spinner Michael Clarke, showed Haddin’s gloves dislodging the bails and the ball missing the top of the stumps.

“I think you saw from Haddin’s reaction that he knew something was wrong so he probably should have made more noise about it,” Vettori said.

A bristling Ponting said he hadn’t seen a replay of the dismissal, but would confront Vettori about his comments.


2 Replies to “Ponting did not see the replay?”

  1. I recently typed in a post advocating the use of technology for such ridiculously incorrect decisions. In the recent India Sri Lanka ODI Tendular and Yuvraaj were given LBW when the ball clearly had been deflected off the bat. Why couldnt the third umpire step in such situations and overrule the decision is something which baffles me.

    On another note, in the same match, a Zaheer Khan delivery hit the wicket but the bails did not come off !!!.


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