Bushfire Appeal Information

I am putting together some information for everyone who is looking for information on the Melbourne bushfires and the Victorian bushfires. This post is also about ‘donations’.

Re what you can do – best if you give money. Here is a note from the Red Cross site which explains why. “Please do not donate goods: We are not accepting goods because it often costs more to collect and transport than to purchase from local businesses. These businesses have often also been badly impacted and can benefit from the activity. Currently we are focused on people’s immediate needs. If we identify a specific need we will make a public call.”

Earlier today I heard a volunteer in Kinglake explain how they had already got a mountain of stuff like clothes and toys. Food was also in plenty. So it was best – if people wanted to contribute – to send money. Makes sense these are hardy and very self reliant people – who need every help and support – so that they can do their rebuilding on their own.

  1. Google has put together a map for the bushfires. Thanks to Mark Whiting for this link.
  2. CFA site for latest information.
  3. Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009. There is an ‘online donation’ button on this site. Red Cross will not deduct any funds from this appeal for administration costs.
  4. Bushfire emergency on ABC website.

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