Small car for the future

Moville – A Green Drop In Ocean Of Futuristic Automobiles – The Design blog

Design contests aim to squeeze the best out of grey cells of creative thinkers who dare to give shape to their visions of a reliable future. One such contest is the 5th Peugeot Design Contest 2008 where Woo-Ram Lee of France conceptualized a car which is aptly designed to evolve within the cities of the future, whilst retaining the key values of the 21st century. Christened as Mo Ville, this single seater is intended for the Megapolis. This eco-friendly auto consists of a tear shaped capsule over an electric drive train while the three magnetic ball wheels render frictionless motion through electromagnets. Programmed with an artificial intelligence, this robotic car is capable of recognizing its owner and welcomes him/her with open doors. Fitted with a self driving feature, it can also be manually driven with wireless digital gadgets like cell phones and portable game consoles.


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