Bunker Stories

Bushfires near Drouin

I started a conversation with people about designers and architects contributing sketches to a compilation of drawings of bunkers. In Kinglake and other areas people often build their own houses – and so the sketches would form an idea bank that can become the basis of inspiration. Or just offer up an archive of options. The response was heartening – and so this project of collecting bunker sketches is on.

Contribute your drawing – write in to me – with your sketch.

‘It’s like a war zone up here’ – National News – National – General – The Canberra Times

Nicole Berry was still wearing the purple bikini she was saved in. “I don’t own any underwear,” she laughed.

At seven months pregnant, she had nagged her husband to build a fire bunker behind the water tank, worried that sprinklers would not do enough to protect their timber home.

Her husband, Andrew Berry, recalled saying to her: “Stop nagging, I’ll build the bloody thing.”

The bunker, dug into an earth embankment with 15-centimetre concrete walls and a $1000 fireproof door, saved their lives and that of their son, Raphael, 14 months. “It was like a firestorm, it was like a raging inferno. It’s a cliche, but that is what it was like,” Ms Berry said.

When flames engulfed their home they wrapped themselves in wet towels and sprinted to the bunker. “We couldn’t shut the door of the bunker, it was that buckled and warped,” Mr Berry said. “The embers were coming through the gap, it was like the fire was coming to get us.”

Fireproof living | Herald Sun

BUSHFIRE-resistant houses could protect future generations of Victorians after our worst natural disaster.

Housing experts have drawn up plans they hope will become the blueprint for new homes to be built in areas wiped out by the bushfires.

The homes would offer Victorians in high-risk areas unprecedented protection from flames, smoke, wind, radiant heat and ember attacks.

Build schools with fire bunkers: MP | Herald Sun

SCHOOLS may need to be built with bunkers to keep children safe from bushfires, Victorian federal MP Fran Bailey says.

The recent bushfires have destroyed some schools and kindergartens in Ms Bailey’s electorate of McEwen, which was the epicentre of the fires.

“Just imagine if that fire had happened on the previous Wednesday (when children were in school) and not the Saturday,” The Liberal MP told ABC Television.

“All of those schools that were just demolished in that fire … it’s just too horrific to really dwell on that.”


4 Replies to “Bunker Stories”

  1. We live in Don Valley, Vic. and would like to know more about the bunker that saved this fam. If the fire does not get us now, we certainly would like to build something that will help us to survive. Thank you,


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